Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My life in a ‘nut’ shell….

What a weekend the heavy rain and thunderous weather has held off until now, Sunday night.  We spent Saturday at the beach with all the other families who came over at the same time as us.  A daughter of one of the teachers turned two and it was decided we would have the party as a ‘bring a plate’ to a picnic area beside the sea! (What a way to celebrate)  It was the first Saturday since we have been here that it has not rained.  The kids spent three and a half hours swimming and eating and he eating part came more when the packing up began.  The lagoon was a beautiful aqua and crystal clear and the temperature was just like a warm bath.  What a blessed life.

The area we picnicked in is a ‘dry’ area, there was a write up in the paper a couple of weeks ago warning people that there would be ‘Maori justice’ if you are caught drinking in this particular area.  With that in mind Brendon and I stayed off the ‘booze’, unlike the others, which if they had paper bags it, would have been less suspicious! Ha-ha.  I had no intention of finding out first hand what their ‘Maori justice’ entailed!

For my 21st birthday (not that long ago) ma and pa gave me a wonderful wooden clock, which has always hung in the kitchen of any house I have lived.  This clock I found very useful when George came of an age of understanding about bedtime; “oh look it is George bed-o’clock time” is what you will hear when it is time for the young fulla to head to bed.  So as per normal out came the saying and what do you know?  He disagreed with me with; “no mum, no clock mum!”  I have forgotten to bring my clock with me!  The little bugger had worked that out and the microwave clock was not going to cut it for reading time!!!

Brendon ‘Super Saver Container Man’ had his first workshop last Thursday and Friday and he come home very happy with himself.  He said that it all ran very smoothly and all the feedback was of high praise a very positive.  But all of that was over shadowed by his effort of crackin’ his first coconut!  ‘Wife’ needed/wanted to make coconut cream so off husband went cane knife in hand… and what do you know three quarters of an hour later I had coconut! My hunter and gather provides for his wife, bless him!

Josh has girl issues, so much so it was visible in church today.  Girls looking and giggling, then secret squirrel comments as we are leaving.  He has a girly-friend and another fancies him and has her nose out of joint!!! Ah ahaaaa the life of a young teenager.  He is busy making a valentines card as I type! Josh has mentioned how much he is enjoying school and life here so that is a positive result to this move.

 I am still discovering where and when to shop.  It is not like at home where we would normally do a week or fortnight shop and then top up the fresh goods during that period.  The markets are a great source for fresh produce and so much cheaper then the supermarket with a better range.  I have found a butcher that sells fresh meat, that is well priced, and which stocks other items such as frozen vege and seafood although these are still caught pricey.  It is a matter of talking to others to find out where they shop as it takes a lot of stops to stock up.   Also reading signs as you drive as they post signs when fresh fish is in.  I have been made aware to keep up with when the boats come in and shop a couple of days later as then the shelves will be restocked.  It is strange you go into a shop that you think sells what there name suggests e.g. Raro Records; you would think sell records and you are correct, but it also sells school/sports bags and computer parts amongst other things.  I suggested to husband that I purchase un-priced items from the supermarket to find out how much they are and write up signs and then on the next shopping trip stick the labels on the shelves.  Okay I may end up with unwanted items but I am sure I would be doing serve to the community!?

After the markets on Saturday I had to purchase a bigger vase for the big bunch of stunning flowers ‘husband’ bought me.  When I was looking around one of the shop assistants said ‘oh where’s George?’  Yes we are being recognized due to George – our over active and loud two year old, who happened to be waiting in the car (not very quietly) with Brendon. 

Well we are leading into week 5 and the bitter disappointments of week 4 were I found out I did not get an interview for the job I applied for; better luck next time.  Annnnndddd….. There was no rugby at our park, so no boys enjoying outdoor showers this week. 

I do hope all is well in your worlds, much love to all xox 

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  1. So glad to hear you're all settling in. What an adventure! Love hearing about it all...take care xxx