Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Incey not so wincey......

What a laugh I almost slipped a back disk last night when a gecko decided to share my bed!  I was trying to chase the little fellow out and the bugger jumped at me.  I had no idea they could do it!  It leaped at me like 'ooooh I'm gona get cha!'  Scared the crap out of me and I am not ashamed to admit it!!!!  But it was a ninja gecko.  Then tonight I there was another spider and on my side of the bed again.  It took a broom, a brush and shovel, a container and half an hour to get rid o the bloody huge man eating thing!  George kept cooing and saying 'incey spider mum' and getting in far to close to where we were trying to assist it back outside.

In the end the spider went out the window along with my Bachelor's certificate it rested on and no geckos have been injured in any martial arts moves.  I on the other hand almost broke my little toe as I kicked the bed to get out of the way and a very sore back.  Husband did move out of my way as I came crashing down in a heap so he suffered no injuries! haha

Hope you are all well, much love xox


  1. The bachelors degree had to go outside as we couldn't risk the bugger getting into my undies shelf! I would've had to have gone commando until he was found - and noone wants that! As to me moving out of the way - I saw it more as you pushing me out of the way as you bid a hasty, and loud, retreat!

  2. oh dear, you are not disagreeing with my take of the 'spider attack' are you??! I understand that you are at work so feel relatively safe, but it may just cost you a pair of black pearl earrings hahahaha