Sunday, February 19, 2012

What goes around comes around...

Over the holiday period I was in my classroom cleaning and repainting in readiness of the school year.  The class needed a good clean out and so I started on the 31st of January. It was on this day my car was gone through but nothing taken.  The following day I made sure I closed the windows all the way so no sticky hands could get in and unlock it like the day before.  In need of the loo Josh and I looked up my classroom and dashed over to the toilets, we were gone just long enough for a wee.  When we returned I noticed my bag which I happened to have left in the middle of a messy desk, was emptied out and my cellphone gone!

We called the police and they came out to photograph and ask questions.  The bugger that took my phone had left I nice set of prints in the wet paint as he climbed in the window.  Both sides of my class are louvered windows as is very common in most schools here, sadly I did not think of shutting the one side that is not safety guarded.  They shimmied up a post and simply popped out two louvers and in they came.

I just received my phone back last Wednesday after much too-ing and fro-ing with the police.  Anyway it turns out it was a kid that lives across the road from the school and is known for trouble.  Today when I went into school I noticed his house know looks like this...

Goes to show you should not harm others!

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