Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's thought...

We were sitting at the breakfast island this evening just finishing off dinner and having idle chit chat when Husband looked up...

"Quick move! “He sharply said to me.  I jumped off my seat not knowing why I was moving quickly until looking up and there is a gecko with its poo sticking out and wiggling it's tush.  Eventually dropping it's business where my dinner plate had rested!  It is a common occurrence and one such gecko has it timed to approximately 8.36pm right above where and when I am working on the computer... The joys of living with so many critters! 

Just glad cows don't have the ability to hang upside down!
Quick duck!


  1. That gecko has it in for you!!

  2. Hehe Indeed! At least I can time it, same goes with a couple of others in the house too! x