Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The little things kids say...

So at school at roll time the girls have taken to adding; princess, angel, beautiful queen to the end of my name when they say good morning.  It ends up being something long the lines of this...
 Me; 'Kia Orana Josh*'
Josh*; 'Good morning Mrs Fiebig princess, angel, super hero, beautiful queen'
That is until I was asked if I request the children to call me this...! Hmmm.  
The names have gotten longer and longer and I have had to put a stop to it today. So as I am explaining how I want the greeting to be one little boy cherub said, 'So we don't say good morning Mrs Fiebig Satan or we will get in trouble ah?' 
Where do these things come from???

Josh* - not a real child in my class

I have a couple of new children starting in class soon and making small talk I asked them when they turn five?  One little Miss answered, 'On my birthday!' Yep that does answer my question!

Also Milly keeps calling me disgusting, all because I ate reindeer pooh on Christmas day... Almost four months ago! (Raisins, although they don't know that)
Row faster George!

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