Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who am I married too?

"Are you my husband?"
The other day I went off to the library with to littlies in tow, we were in need of some well deserved house break time.  The kids love the library, however I am sure it is a not a love returned, by the librarian. There is always a feeling of eagle eyes burning into the base of my skull!  

The last time I was there I used husbands library card, this was frowned upon even though I did follow it up with "he will be coming along in just a mo...." Which he did eventually turn up.  This time I was prepared with my $20 dollars to pay for my own card.  Which I was doing and trying to keep an eye on two excited children and continue a conversation with the librarian;
(L)     "AAaah is there another Fiebig on the island?"  She questions.
(Me) "No, no just us" 
(L)    "I'm sure he is married to someone else", she says.
(Me) "No, no I'm pretty sure 'I' am married to him?!"
(L)   "I suppose....."
The previous time I had been in there with my brother, her and I had, had a similar conversation in which she questioned my marriage credentials! After this trip to the library, I did come home and ask husband if he had another wife tucked away. Because then we could at least share the domestic chores!  I am however the only wife he has, I believe he said something along the lines of "My dear wife,... How could I ever deal with any one more then you?!" This is true!

Hehe Much love all and remember to just double check who YOU are married to before you head out to your local library! ox


  1. I think my actual comment was "One of you is more than enough for anyone!"

  2. I too am a repeat offender when it comes to using my husbands library card...possibly because I always get fines!!lol :)