Friday, January 20, 2012

In my world this week...

The most excitement for newspaper reading since Zac ran naked through Traders, is of the Auckland business man and run away boatie that went missing off Rarotonga's shores...

Not one to miss out on havin' a 'look see' we parked up to have a nosey at the boat that is at the centre of this story.


Police tape restricting access

On another boat related story there were two cruise ships in yesterday.  They anchored so very far off shore. Wondered weather this was due to the latest shipping disaster??? Thankfully for those coming ashore the sea was calm!
Out there on the horizon are two cruise ships
Nothing to do with boats is over the last seven weeks of school holidays I have slowly put together my classroom.  Sadly I do not have any before photos.  

Come to inspect... MOE man!

Much love all xox


  1. Nothing like a sparkly new classroom all ready for the school year!

  2. Happy to say it met with my approval