Thursday, October 13, 2011

Your money isn't any good here...

I went to the local store last week to buy a couple of loaves of bread, I know I should be baking my own from the wheat that I have ground with my own bare hands but... Any way a loaf of white is $4.70 and whole grain is $5.00 so a total of $9.70, equally $10.30 in change right? WRONG! Here my change was $10.20 and a lollipop as they had run out of ten cent pieces! I am still working out how to fit it into the kids money box!

Then today as I was doing the fortnightly dry goods shop which takes half the island to cover and about six different shops.  I stopped at 'Tex Mart' as they have the best price on nappies and wipes.  I noticed they stocked cases of Heineken and asked the man serving how much they are?... His response was, "Oh, ah... ummmm you wana go grab one I can see".  Politely I declined purchased my nappies and went to the bottle store where the prices are displayed and I don't have to do the cashiers job!

Much love all xox

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