Thursday, October 13, 2011

And one more makes six...

We have just adopted a new member into our family...  After finishing up my shower this morning, I heard a very loud chirping noise.  I found George clutching a baby chicken, as I walked out to help him George took flight.  Running at full trot out onto the backyard, his fists tightening so as his 'prize' did not escape!  As it happened the poor wee thing did try to elude George but, Georges persistence (thumb and fore finger) prevailed.  One could say it was a game of two halves and George won. We now have the baby chicken housed in a box, up high I might add.  

"Mama George"

There is no escaping his clutches!

Originally George wanted to name him Twinkle as his friends had a pet chick by that name.  After some discussion he decided he could name it Chicken... Hmmm?  More discussion and he came up with Sprinkle.  So for five hours we call the dear little thing Sprinkle, then dad comes home and the chicken has up and changed its name to SuperDom.  With no idea where the name SuperDom has come from I just hope we can leave it at that as I will begin to have problems remembering his name and will have to revert to calling it Chicken.  There was talk about naming him Colonel, Finger Lick'en Good or Roast Dinner from some of the adults but we wanted a sensible name... Yep SuperDom it is! haha

'Just Eat It!'

"So beautiful and cute", Georgie says...

Josh and SuperDom hang out.
Our goal is to keep it alive now... Noooo George will be heard a lot as we work towards this very goal.

Much love all xox

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