Sunday, October 16, 2011

For Sale...

On Saturday morning I joined in with three other ladies on a 'side of the road' Garage Sale.  The kids have grown out of loads of clothes and it was a great chance to make room in our house and a little cash to boot!
"No Jill, no need for ties we will just hold onto it with our arms out the window !"...
The car was loaded up with clothes and baked goods...  We needed a table so we popped it on the roof to head across the road.
Baked goods
The Family came down to visit and because I had the car... Yep Milly is standing at daddy's feet, George is tied on and Josh looks bloody happy with it all!
Safety First... The family come to visit!

Not a big profit was made by me, approximately $70.  But a couple of lessons wer learnt; next time I will put the clothes on a table so people don't have to bend down and to start at 7am rather then 8am!  Lots of fun was had!

Much love all xox

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