Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why's it black?...

So today was the undressing of my operation site.  t took a wee while for the bandages to come off and as the assistant/nurse was trying every so carefully not to hurt me the doctor turns to me a asks,
"Whys it black?"
I thought to myself and gave a scoff... 'Well actual you are the doctor and I don't f***ing know!' 
I had not at that time seen the wound so I then started to panic.  Although after seeing the site it looks like the last removal scar now has eyes!
Smaller bandaging on now...
It will take another 2-3 weeks to find out the results tissue removed, fingers crossed.  

Hubby was great support he let me lean back on him as they removed the bandaging.  This meant he did not have to watch and see the wound.  He does not do goo, but makes a great support person bless him.  Monday will see the stitches come out, hopefully he is up for another dose! There is no pain that compares (even child birth) to the removal of the hundreds of staples from the previous op, so today was a breeze and I am sure Monday will be the same.

Much love x

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