Friday, November 11, 2011

She's a tight fit down at the wharf

There is very little in Rarotonga that is more exciting than the ship coming in.  We know the grocery shelves will be full and there'll be a mad rush for the likes of flour, raw sugar, real coffee...

The wharf has been a hive of activity over the last year with it being rebuilt to fit bigger ships in, including cruise ships.  These photos show why it needs enlarging.

We were passing the wharf when we saw this ship leaving port so we stop and had to watch the process.  It literally had to turn on a dime, with a little help from 'the little tug bat that could' before it could sail out out face first.  A fascinating exercise.

doing a 360 in the port.  You can see both edges of the mouth
of the entrance.

Racing around behind the ship comes the
"Little Tug Boat That Could"

Here she comes...

The Little Tug Boat That Could gives the ship a nudge
to help her right hand turn.

And we're off!  Bon Voyage!

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