Thursday, November 10, 2011

School yard hardships...

I have found myself lately having to talk Josh through 'bullying'.  It seems as if no one is ever safe from this horrible but avoidable disease. No matter how small the attack is it does leave scars, scars that show later in life in different ways.  Thinking about my own torment in college, "Jenis nenis has a big penis".  Now it is only a play on my name but at thirteen this not only annoyed me but indeed upset me for a time.  That is until I clearly rememeber accepting it and throwing it back to 'the pack' that; 'yes, yes I do have a big penis so much so it is bigger then yours'.  Obviously I do not have this said penis but it soon got these guys of my back and I was left alone. I am however certain they moved onto their next prey. So it was this in mind that I gave Josh the same advice, "accept that you can not change them. BUT, they can not hurt you if you accept the name in which they call you".  Crazy as that may seem it has now ended, I do wonder what effect it will have on him if any?  As now if I mention the fact I have a big set of nads or penis I am thought of as juvenille!? It is somethng remembered.
Cause and effect... When you go through and tolerate anything no matter the degree of scarring it is still scarring that is left behind.  

I have a big nads, all be it not real but it is a little bit of history that is sadly left etched in some deep resses of my brain. Bullying is a sad and horrible part of life that needs to be stopped.  It comes in different forms, sizes and does not have an age or sex barrier.  

Much love all xox

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