Saturday, June 11, 2011

Raro road rage...

We must have been here for a while now, as I headed home I found myself behind four scooters on the way home.  With two very tired toddlers I was dying to get home and get them to bed.  I always use the back road as it is normally clearer of traffic and a faster drive home. But today behind the scooters, driven by tourists, I found myself frustrated as they pulled over and then pulled out swaying and swerving very, pulling over again and back quickly again and proceeding down the road at 20 k's. I had the feed up stance; one hand on the wheel the other hand on head elbow on the door.  Unable to overtake as the road does not allow for a clear view I ended up whispering to myself ..."bloody tourists"!  

I felt very guilty after the fact as in reality what am I!  

Strolling the Markets
Talking about driving, the other day I as I was heading home in the rain again. A local lady driving her scooter in the opposite direction, did so standing up!  It still amazes me on a daily bases what is carried on (a scooter) and now how they are driven!

Much love

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