Sunday, July 8, 2012

Once upon a time I had a cute, cuddly little lad that would always listen and want to please his mum.  Now it is a battle every day! As a surly 14 year old is trying to find his way in the world.
 If I happen to say that the colour of something is green he will argue it is purple with pink spots. We seriously had a disagreement once of what colour the Golden  Arches are! I said yellow, he said green. He has been tested as colourblind! If I say it something is $37 he will say no it's not  it's $36.54.  Tonight I said to him "your light is on, flick it off ah?" His response "I didn't turn it on!" Hmmm, "Well I am not asking if you turned it on, I just want it off". BUT, if we were to argue about it... I know I did not turn it on, and George and Milly are too short to reach and Brendon is currently in New Zealand soooooo, that leaves one person.  He will fight till the bitter end that it was not him that turned it on. Again I say to you, I just wanted it turned off?!  

 We as parents are repeatedly asking for things to go back in the right place so as they can be found again.  My second battle tonight was the bike pump. If it was put away properly he surely could find it each time??? But again the neighbours enjoyed the battle of our loud wits as he was searching for the bloody thing.  There was blaming George for having taken it and then the little lad who we keep finding in our back yard and oh yes, it was me, I took it! *#@*! Once he found it the blame continued... I had seen it dropped in the wrong place by said 14 year old the last time he used it! haha

 Does it get any easier and when it does am I going to be doing it all over again with TWO at the same time! At the moment it is a case of picking the battles and having more wits... and appreciating those rare times of a battle free house or when he is all cute and cuddle...Sleeping! 

Much love all 

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