Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ignorant or ditzy you choose...

So after two years here in the Cooks we are packing up and heading on to a new adventure. I have been busy with Garage Sales and packing, school reports and data entry. All the end of year things that need doing on top of the impending move!

So when I received an email the other day about our freight ...

Can I just check with you for the customs form whether you have any of the following:
Food of any kind?
Animal products of any kind? that includes shells, bone, wool, fur, feathers etc
Plant products? including wooden ornaments, carvings, bamboo, basket, straw etc
Equipment used with animals?
Vacuum cleaner, sports gear, shoes, outdoor equipment etc?
Medications of any kind?
Knives? or other weapons? - do you have kitchen knives in any boxes?

I thought, ah no to most things knives in one box and nothing else... As I had begun packing almost a month and a half ago I forgot about my bible bag, church hat, wooden scratcher and a couple of other touristy keep sacks. So as I thought about it more those items began popping into my head...

Then I received a second email...

"I just opened up the box you labelled 'books' to see if I could see any shells and there was a large piece of coral right on the top! We've been told you can't take anything off the beach like that into NZ. It's exactly the same as when you fly into NZ, you wouldn't be allowed that in your suitcase ..... they are really strict about it. I don't want to go through your boxes to see what else needs to be taken out - can you come around on Monday afternoon or evening and just do a quick check of them?..."

 Oh my gosh!  But the best was yet to come... I did not even click to the fact it could not come back with us and had just 'chucked it in to fill a gap'.Comment was made that it is not even a nice piece of coral, until it was pointed out about the shape...

Yep, that is where for the first time in a very long time I have felt mortified! I was so embarrassed. If you struggle to work it out here is a couple of others from my collection surely you can tell...

Yes the 'Penis Coral Collection' had been discovered and my embarrassment is more for the fact that I did not even think that coral is on the
 "NZ bio security website, coral is on the totally banned list whether it is bought from a shop or not."...
I was very sheepish and red faced about the fact that I am so predictable, for  someone to realise I would like the shape of the coral because it takes the form of a penis. 

My husband hung his head and tutted at me again. He also told me after going through all the boxes that he seems to remember something about coral not to be taken. Could have remember that one earlier!

Have a laugh at my expense and I hope this makes someones day as they realise there is someone out there crazier then themselves! 

Much love (and there is absolutely NO coral in any of my boxes penis shaped or other!)

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